Sustainable Pace

September 11th, 2021

Have you done your plinsigs today?

On my phone I have a to-do-app, for the times when my life gets busy. Normally it's pretty empty, but every now and then I need to focus, to not forget something important. As my daughter is quite observant, she notices that the items in this list are kind of important to me. In fact, she's observant to the point that she found out the PIN code to my phone, and now knows how to manipulate me by adding items to my to do list.

At first these were rare, fun entries, like "watch a movie together" or "go to the park to play", and I gladly played along. But quite recently I opened my to-do-app to find dozens of entries like "dggd", "dfjdsd" or "lkfgkljlr". I was angry and furiously started deleting these entries one by one, until I found the entry "plinsigs", categorized under "every day". I was intrigued. It had that ring to it. Plinsigs.

Sustainable Pace

What were these plinsigs that I was supposed to do every day? I confronted my daughter. She had no idea but said it sounded like a sports exercise, like sit-ups or lunges. We imagined all kinds of different fun things that plinsigs could be and had a laugh, but after a few minutes, that was that.

Still, something kept me from deleting the entry. I felt that there was something more behind it, and kept it in the back of my head for a few days. Then in a moment of clarity, I observed that I actually did something after stumbling over "plinsigs" in my to do list.

What I had done was not giving in to the anger about an unexpected event (my daughter hacking my to do's with bogus items), but instead turning it into a beautiful, fun moment, that deepened the relationship to a loved one. Maybe that's what plinsigs are - an exercise of reframing, taking a presumably negative situation, and transforming it into a positive situation - a fun moment, an opportunity for taking on a different perspective, a reminder not to give in to negative impulses.

I will try to do my plinsigs regularly from now on. Have you done your plinsigs today?