Sustainable Pace

February 5th, 2016

Thanktuary - the stress-free social network

(This is something I wanted to build a few years ago. Unfortunately it never materialized. I still think it's a cool idea!)

What's wrong with Facebook, Twitter, etc?

Thanktuary appreciates the value social networks have brought to the world, but wants to address the following problems they have

Too much content

It's not unusual for an average social network user to be exposed to hundreds of status updates each day. It takes a lot of time and energy to filter out interesting information. It's easy to feel afraid of missing out.

Unlimited activity

You can always add another status update, comment, or upload another photo. Most people have several hundred contacts, and are trying to attract more. It's never enough. Some people find it hard to find an exit when browsing social network sites.

Too much self-obsession

The focus on social network sites is always on you. The idea is to create an interesting profile or timeline, in order to attract and maintain a large audience. People easily feel obliged to regularly updating their profiles, and feel they need to live up to an image they have created of themselves.

So what about Thanktuary?

In the world of social networks, Thanktuary acts as a sanctuary - a safe place for gratitude and meaningful interactions. The core idea is simple:

It saves your time

On other social networking sites, you need to create and maintain a profile, and keep up with status updates and timelines.

On Thanktuary, your profile is a summary of all thank you's you have received. Therefore you can't edit your own profile! And you will only receive a single status update per week.

It improves your relationships

On other social networking sites, you can use an unlimited number of "likes" or "stars", which significantly lowers their value.

On Thanktuary, you can only use a limited number of thank you's (5) per week, making it a more meaningful way of giving attention.

It makes you happy

On other social networking sites, you try to attract attention by making yourself look good.
On Thanktuary, you can only give attention and make others look good. Giving is a key factor in determining happiness.

It is a meditiation exercise

Thanktuary directs your focus to a single thing: Think about the people that made you happy, and thank them for this. In a world of distraction, Thanktuary offers a place of quiet and contemplation.

(Feel free to use the idea and the name.)